It is very important for the jury to be able to judge the designs even-handedly. You will therefore have to present your creations in a standardised manner, but you will also be able to show your creation in a more personal way. Please follow the following instructions closely and refer to the examples for further clarification.

Insciption 1

Visual 1 - Mandatory: your creation photographed as is, from the front, against a white or neutral background.

Minimum: 500kB - Max 1MB - Jpeg only

Inscription 2

Visual 2 - Optional: your creation photographed as is, from the back and/or from the side, against a white or neutral background.

Minimum: 500kB - Max 1MB - Jpeg only

Inscription 3

Visual 3 - Optional: one or more details of your creation, photographed as is, to draw the jury's attention on this or that particular, specific element of your creation.

Minimum: 500kB - Max 1MB - Jpeg only

Visual 4 - Optional: If a re-design, put the previous design here.

Minimum: 500kB - Max 1MB - Jpeg only

Inscription 5

Visual 5 - Optional: your creation presented in a more personal manner just to showcase its artistic merit. This will be the image used by Pentawards to promote the winners. Otherwise, the organisation will choose one of the other images.

Minimum: 500kB - Max 1MB - Jpeg only

Under "comments" you can enter details about your creation (market, objectives, materials or techniques used, particular features of the packaging or the product, etc.). This information is optional but highly recommended!

11.11.11: Toolbox

"Workers are not tools."

Advertising Agency: VVL BBDO, Belgium
Creative Team: Jan Ockerman, Jef Boes
Creative Directors: Jan De Jonghe, Jan Baert
Account Team: Toon De Baere, Philippe Van Eygen
Print Production: Roxane Lemaire
Photographer: Evert Thiry
Published: November 2008

Liga Contra el Cáncer: 15000

The Peruvian League of fight against cancer, ask us to create a campaign for the no-smoker day in which we had to emphasis the damage that a person who smokes causes on his family, friends and all the people around him. Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, level to the sidewalk, we dramatized the treat that cigarettes represent for a non-smoking person, in this case, a little girl. A month and half before the campaign, with the help of many volunteers, we were able to gather 15,000 cigarettes butts. An artist was in charge of pasting them together and to maintain the essence of the original idea, he
painted the little girl in oil painting.

Advertising Agency:
Ogilvy Perú
Creative Director: Aldo Canchaya
Art Director: Daniel Morales
Copywriters: Yacub Tabja, Diego Guzmán
Illustrator: Jose Antonio Bao
Published: May 2008

YPPM music school: Transformation

Advertising Agency: Bates141 Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Hendra Lesmono
Art Director: Grace Patricia
Copywriter: Hendra Lesmono, Peyi
Illustrator / Designer: Grace Patricia
Published: August 2008

Primus: Buddies

Advertising Agency:
Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, André Laurentino, Victor Sant'Anna, Felipe Luchi
Copywriter: Toni Fernandes
Art Director: Leo Claret
Graphic Production: Marcos Pedra
Account Team: Marcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Rodrigo Bochicchio e Felipe Oliveira
Photo: Gustavo Lacerda/ FURIA

New Pepsi Packaging Design

Accompanying the final shipment was a DVD highlights of the company's 110 year history including the debut of the new logo and packaging across all product lines. You can watch the video here.

When the logo was unveiled last week, it received somewhat of a lukewarm reception. Seeing the final product though may sway some naysayers. The logo and product design are sleek, simple and refined. It's a welcome change from the rather boxy typeface used since 1962.

Pepsi unveiled their new packaging to “digital and social media influencers” with shipped packages of the new product. The package included a commercial highlighting the companies history and ends with the official debut of the new logo.

Sunlight: World

Advertising Agency:
Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Din Sumedi
Creative Director: Danang
Art Director: Budi Utama
Retouchers: Hario Yudhono, Rudi Haryanto

Atlas MTB: Dentures

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India
Executive Creative Directors: K.V. Shridhar, Sainath Saraban
Art Director / Illustrator: Dalip Singh
Copywriter: Samrat Das

Sailor's World: Problem

"Experience the unsinkable optimism of boating."

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jim Nelson
Creative Director: Sheldon Clay
Copywriter: Ellie Adnerson
Art Director: Brad Harrison
Published: August 2008